Integrated Building Management Systems


T: (01636) 674 875

Project:  East Park Design Centre

Location:  Loughborough University

M&E Contractor:  Imtech G&H

Completion Date:  September 2011

The East Park Design Centre is the first project of a wider master‐plan for the East Park area, which intends to update this part of campus, much of which was built in the 1960s.

The 7,760m2 building provides a home for the various design disciplines at Loughborough University, including a lecture theatre and seminar space, workshops, laboratories, offices and studios The Trend Building Energy Management System utilises the very latest IQeco Controllers to optimise operation of the heating and natural ventilation.

Actuated Windows, Roof Terminal Units and Sill‐line Units are precisely controlled to take account of both the buildings internal state and the weather conditions.