Integrated Building Management Systems


T: (01636) 674 875

Project:  CTG Goodrich

Location:  Banbury, Oxfordshire

M&E Contractor:  Hiltons

Completion Date:  January 2013

This new 137,000 square-feet facility has allowed CTG to bring six existing sites to one new location. Amenities include dedicated production lines, a technical library, a gymnasium and flexible meeting spaces. 

CTG manufacture composite components for the aerospace, medical and automotive industries,  including flywheels, prop shafts, hydraulic accumulators and pressure vessels.

Their customers include most of the Formula 1 teams and automotive OEMs, where their prop shafts can be found on certain super cars 

A TREND Building Energy Management System controls the heating, ventilation and  domestic services to the offices and warehouse. The BMS also controls four Process Extract Systems which operate as variable air volume (VAV) systems . These are critical to the manufacturing process and require robust devices due to the high temperatures involved.